Superior Court Mediation

A leader in the field, Wade Barber is committed to the mediation process and is proud of the results it achieves.

Wade Barber is a Superior Court Mediator certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission and an innovator in the field of alternative dispute resolution.  As District Attorney, Wade started the first court-related mediation program in North Carolina in 1978.  Before that time, you had to search outside the state to find a mediator.

In 1984, he chaired the first North Carolina Alternative Resolution Task Force .The accomplishments of that task force and the high level of party satisfaction led to the establishment of the North Carolina Superior Court Mediation Program. In 1992, Wade received an award for “exemplary leadership” from the North Carolina Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Section.  He trained as a volunteer mediator in 1983, served as an arbitrator in the federal and state courts, and referred hundreds of matters to mediation during his eight years as a Superior Court Judge.

Wade’s training and experience serve his clients well.  Building upon his reputation, skill and experience in mediation, Wade often gets the other side into mediation before a lawsuit is ever filed. He knows the value that mediation can bring to conflicted parties, from individuals to big businesses, and the lawyers who represent them.  He approaches mediation settings with respect, tact, and confidence in the mediation process.