Real Property

Land is our most valuable possession. From drafting deeds to filing law suits, we help our clients secure their property rights and defend against threats.

Everyone—brothers and sisters, friends, neighbors, and perfect strangers—can get involved in disputes about land.  Neighbors argue about boundaries, co-owners disagree about the future of their property, and landlords and tenants fight to protect their respective rights.

At Barber & Barber, we understand the trying nature of these disputes and the emotional toll they often carry.  We work hard to counsel our clients about their property rights, listen to our clients’ goals, and communicate with our clients about how to best try to achieve those goals.

We regularly advise clients on all aspects of land use and often negotiate on their behalf, and with more than forty years of experience working with legal issues involving land in and around Chatham County, Barber & Barber is well prepared to assist clients in the purchase, sale, development, and division of property.