Criminal Defense

We believe in tireless, creative, and zealous defense. Don’t be overwhelmed. We can help.

A person charged with a crime can easily find themselves overwhelmed by the process, the charges, and the potential consequences on their future.  We help people navigate the system, explaining it and zealously defending them step by step.

Wade Barber started practicing law in Pittsboro in 1971.  Later, he was elected to serve as the District Attorney for Orange and Chatham Counties.  After serving as District Attorney for seven years, Wade Barber chose to return to private practice.  In 1998, he was appointed Resident Superior Court Judge.  Wade Barber has seen criminal charges from every seat in the court room, giving him unique experience and perspective.

From misdemeanors such as possession of marijuana or simple assault to felony charges of drug trafficking, armed robbery, sex offenses, Barber & Barber is prepared to help you.