Civil Litigation

Unique experience, tireless dedication.

We are a small, dynamic, general practice law firm located on the Courthouse Circle in Pittsboro and focused on giving personal attention to our clients.  As a father-daughter team of attorneys, we are dedicated to creative and persistent advocacy, from the initial conversation to the resolution of every dispute.

When it comes to civil litigation, this means thorough communication and a deep understanding of our clients’ goals and needs.  Keeping these goals in mind, we use our experience—Wade Barber has been practicing law in Pittsboro since 1971, including eight years as a Superior Court Judge—and ability to develop legal strategies and advocate on our clients’ behalf.  In addition to his long history in the courtrooms of Chatham County, Wade is an accomplished negotiator and problem solver.  He has taught negotiation courses for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy, initiated the first court mediation program in North Carolina in 1978 while serving as District Attorney, and chaired the first North Carolina Task Force on Alternative Dispute Resolution in 1984.

With these diverse skills and experiences, Barber & Barber is adept in handling many types of civil litigation at all stages and through many different possible outcomes, from mediation to trial.  At Barber & Barber, we skillfully evaluate your goals and options to reach the best possible resolution for you.