Barber & Barber continue a long tradition of service to our community

The Earl of Chatham in the House of Lords
The Chatham County bar circa 1900.
Roland Hayes practiced law in Chatham County from 1893 until his death in 1919.
Wade Barber was born in 1893. He practiced law in Chatham County from 1916 until his death in 1983. He practiced with his uncle, Roland Hayes, his son in law, Ed Holmes, and his son, Wade Barber.
Chief Justice Burley Mitchell swears in Wade Barber as Senior Resident Superior Court Judge for Judicial District 15B.

In 1770 Governor Tryon wrote King George that the rebels south of the Haw River had carried the King’s judge out of Hillsboro on a rail.  Separating the rebels from the loyalists in Orange County, the King created Chatham County naming the county seat Pittsboro, all in honor of William Pitt, the Earl of Chatham, a great defender of individual rights and later of the colonies.

Today, Chatham County is a thriving, diverse county reaching from the Research Triangle to the rolling farmlands in the West.  Beginning in 1970, Chatham has been a destination for young, idealistic folks moving back to nature.  Retirees from the North East, moving into the idyllic village of Fearrington and others moving to beautiful golf-course communities.

The lawyers Barber have played a central role in Chatham County for almost 100 years.  J. Wade Barber grew up in Pittsboro and began the general practice of law here in 1916.  He soon became the preeminent lawyer in Chatham County until his retirement in 1980.  He represented Chatham County in the legislature first in 1925 and served as county attorney until 1972.

His son in law, Ed Holmes, joined the practice in 1958.  He served as Chatham County school board attorney for over thirty years and represented Chatham in the legislature where he became chair of the appropriations committee.

Wade joined the practice in 1971.  He served as the first District Attorney in the Orange and Chatham County judicial district from 1977 until 1985, when he started a new law firm in Pittsboro.   Barber Bradshaw & Vernon grew to be the largest law firm in Chatham County, with a diverse clientele ranging from court appointed capital cases to being general counsel for Governors Club Development Corporation.  Governor Hunt named Wade Senior Resident Superior Court Judge in 1998.  Not wanting to be a Judge on the bench running for reelection, Wade retired in 2005.  Wade returned to the general practice of law in Pittsboro in 2006.

Elizabeth grew up in Pittsboro and after being admitted to the California bar, came back to join her father.  She serves on the Board of Directors of Chatham County Together and is vice president of the Chatham County Bar.